Onboard video footage leads to boat accident answers

In Lake Ozark, a video taken onboard a boat helped the state Highway Patrol figure out the cause of a boating incident August 24th.

The accident happened at the 22 mile marker.

After reviewing the video the troopers determined that Marvin Carter was driving the boat too fast reaching speeds as high as 70 miles per hour.

The boat struck a large wave, then several more. The impact of the waves resulted in six passengers being shaken from their seats and suffering minor to moderate injuries.

Sgt. Jerry Callahan told us "We are very fortunate that none of the passengers were thrown out of the vessel. Especially since falls overboard are the most common fatality accident on a boat. Slow down and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination whether in a vehicle or by boat. You need to be ready to expect higher numbers of traffic on the water and road."

Troopers say the passengers were not seated properly.

They arrested Carter for careless and imprudent driving. Online court records do not show any charges against him at this time.