Novelist bases story off his own health troubles

Novelist bases story off his own health troubles

Eric Praschan has been a writer for 20 years, but a tragic turn in his personal health inspired him to publish his first novel in 2012.

â??Therapy for Ghostsâ?? was released last September and is based on temporary health issues that Praschan experienced, which left him paralyzed and mute.

â??I imagined a character who was experiencing these things and had a troubled past that she had blocked out of her mind, and then had to undergo therapy to uncover," Praschan said. "So, that was the premise for the story.â??

Praschan's novel is fictional, but he said he feels that the incorporation of his true-life situations make the character, along with her story, more believable for the reader.

â??Therapy for Ghostsâ?? is part one of a trilogy book series. The next book of the series is set to release this fall.

The book is available on Amazon's website and on e-book readers.