Not your typical hunter

Rochelle Belloir enjoys the challenge of bowhunting

November in Missouri....the air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and the deer are moving. It's the time of year when hunters are up before dawn with excitement, in hopes of bringing home a big trophy for the wall.

More than a million deer hunters in Missouri will take to their stands this season. While most hunt with rifles, some find more of a challenge in hunting with a bow.

A bowhunter has to be an extremely good shot and must be even more patient than rifle hunters. I caught up with one bow hunter in Owensville who's a bit out of the ordinary.

The boots and gloves go on, the bow has been sighted, and the stand is waiting.

is ready to hit the woods. That's right she's not your typical deer hunter. While many women will spend their time shopping this month, Rochelle Belloir will be in the woods of Gasconade County.

Rochelle says she always been a tomboy, "I'll be in the mud or the creek."

Rochelle had a great hunting experience last season, bringing down a 9-pointer with her rifle. But then her boyfriend turned her sight to the bow.

"I came out to the back and he was shooting his bow. I was like oh my gosh that looks like so much fun, I have to try it! Before i knew it, I was in the stand and addicted to it and I love it. It's much more of a challenge but I love a challenge."

Rochelle says a lot of practice goes in to accurately shooting a bow.

"It's definitely a lot different having a deer 200 yards from you versus one only 30-50."

But hitting the target makes it all worth it, and Rochelle then shot her bow with a near dead center shot.

Her puppy, who she of course named Cabella, loves getting in on the practice time too.

But when it's time to hit the stand, Rochelle gets serious.

Ron Belloir has been taking his daughter hunting since she was 10 and thinks with her aim, she's got a good chance at getting her first bow kill, "If one comes her way and gets close enough, yes, I think she'll be able to bag one."

Until then, Rochelle will be in the woods, watching...waiting...and hopefully, taking aim.

Bow hunting season will continue through january 15th.