Not everyone stayed home

Some Columbia residents went to work and kept their daily routines despite the heavy snowfall.

The snow nearly forced the entire city of Columbia to shut down today.

That didnâ??t keep everyone stuck at home.

Kayla Boska and Wendy Howe went to work at a Columbia salon to keep appointments with some dedicated customers. They had a hard time keeping the heavy snow off of their cars.

They said, â??You canâ??t. Iâ??ve cleaned mine off and hers off twice now. Weâ??ve been here since about 9 a.m. now. We tried to shovel the front but it just wasnâ??t working.â??

College student Brian Forward didnâ??t have to go to school. Instead, he drove through the snow to take some friends to the gym.

Forward said, â??I was on the highway this morning. It was terrible. There were cars all over the road.â??

The snow cancelled classes at Mizzou. Some Mizzou students decided to build a snowman near the columns in honor of their new chancellor R. Bowen Loftin who is known for his collection of bowties.

Mizzou student Ryan Mathewson said, â??He actually tweeted earlier this morning that he was going to have a competition to see who could build the best snow chancellor. The winner gets a lunch date with him.â??

Thereâ??s no word on who won the snow chancellor contest, but we do know the snow continues to fall.

It appears Columbia will get 6 to 8 inches before itâ??s all over.