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      Not a new reality show: pharmacy wars heat up in Columbia

      Pharmacy wars are heating up in Columbia.

      CVS Pharmacy officials want to build a new store at the corner of one of the busiest intersections in town.

      Columbia Planning and Zoning officials plan to hold a public hearing during their meeting tomorrow night on a proposal to build a new CVS Pharmacy at the intersection of Providence Road and Broadway. Thatâ??s right across the street from a Walgreens Pharmacy.

      CVS Pharmacy officials need city leaders to rezone the southeast corner of Providence and Broadway before they break ground on their new building. D&H Pharmacist Erica Hopkins-Wadlow said thereâ??s room for the growing number of pharmacies in Columbia.

      Hopkins-Wadlow said, â??I think everybody will be O.K. Columbia is growing exponentially. With the students coming back, things get a lot busier with flu and cold season coming up. I think all of us will stay fairly busy.â??

      A new CVS Pharmacy will help people in Columbia with insurance that requires them to go to a CVS Pharmacy or buy through a mail order. D&H pharmacists encourage people to use a local pharmacy instead of a national chain.

      Hopkins-Wadlow said, â??Another reason why Iâ??m not too worried about CVS is because it is a big box store. A lot of times they donâ??t offer the same kind of customer service that you can get at a local pharmacy.â??

      The developer and the CVS deal manager are scheduled to be in Columbia next week to discuss their plans for a new pharmacy with city officials. Planning and Zoning officials hope to make a decision on the store by September 16.

      The public hearing on the proposed CVS Pharmacy is scheduled during tomorrow nightâ??s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at 7 p.m. in the Columbia city council chambers.