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      North Jefferson City Under Water

      Sections of North Jefferson City are under water as the Missouri River continues to rise.Flooding problems have caused many Mid-Missouri roads to close because of the recent storms and North Jefferson City is no exception.Police are blocking streets in an effort to keep away sight seers. Maurice Lewis got passed the barricades because he has lived there for more than 30 years.Lewis said, â??Itâ??s just an ongoing thing that weâ??ve learned to live with around here a lot of times.â??As the water continues to rise in North Jefferson City, people like Maurice Lewis remember a time when things were a lot worse. Lewis said during the Flood of 1993 the area looked like a war zone. Shawn Smart has his own battle as he fights to save his farmland in North Jefferson City. Smart is using feed bags as sand bags to plug up a pipe filled with flood water.Smart said, â??Didnâ??t figure we would have to be getting after it so fast right now. It came up a lot quicker than we all anticipated.â??Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph said city leaders have activated their emergency operations plan and are offering sandbags to anyone in need.The Missouri River at Jefferson City sits at more than 30 feet.Flood stage in Jefferson City is 23 feet.