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      No Police Surveillance Cameras for Jefferson City

      As Jefferson City police consider ways to fight and prevent crime, mass surveillance isn't on their list of potential crime fighting tools. "The situation is, we don't have them," Jefferson City Police Captain Doug Shoemaker said. "We don't monitor cameras in any way. There are of course a number of businesses within the community, hospitals and so on and so forth that have cameras, but we do not utilize any sort of security camera system." Shoemaker said the department feels the installation of an electronic video surveillance system on Jefferson city's streets would be intrusive and disrespectful to people's privacy. Although in recent years people in many other parts of the country have traded some of their privacy away for a stronger sense of security, many people in Jefferson City have mixed feelings about that. Several people told KRCG news they were concerned about their safety after the recent spat of violence in neighboring Columbia, but others didn't think surveillance was necessary. "I don't think there should be more security cameras installed because I don't think there is a reason for it, there isn't a surge in crime or terrorist activity occuring here," city worker Russell Blair said, There is also the issue of money. Captain Shoemaker said his department has examined the costs of isntalling a citywide camera system, which he said is too expensive for the city to pay for at this time. Shoemaker did not have a dollar amount of how much the installation of such a system would cost, but he said his department has well-established methods of fighting crime. "A combination of people getting involved in their community is one of the best methods of crime prevention," Shoemaker said. With high costs and concerns over privacy, the police department has no plans to set up street cameras. Captain Shoemaker said his department has an excellent relationship with the community, and the policing methods used by his department have worked well for them up to this point.