Nixon says more cuts, republicans respond

More cuts are coming to Missouri government because of declining tax revenues.

Gov. Jay Nixon says preliminary revenue figures from February make it clear that officials "will need to downsize the scope of state government." The governor said Monday he plans meetings with House and Senate leaders this week about lowering the state's revenue projections.

Through January, Missouri's revenues were down 12.5 percent from the previous year.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Rob Mayer got a briefing last week from Nixon. Mayer says it appears February revenues may be even worse.

Missouri's budget runs through June. In January, state officials projected a 6.4 percent decline in revenues this fiscal year, with 3.6 percent growth in 2011.

House republicans responded to Nixon TMs budget cut announcement saying that he has not made a meaningful attempt to work with the House to resolve the issue.

Republican leaders also question Nixon TMs goal without having a plan.

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