Newlywedded -- Now What?

I TMve been told your newlywed years are some of the best of your life. Oh wait, or is that your college years? Either way, I TMm a fan of both.

Well, I can TMt start a Newlywed Blog without talking a little about my wedding|

Matt, my wonderful boyfriend of many years and fianc of nearly two, and I were married earlier this summer. It was a beautiful, but hot day in June. Remember June? It was hot. But not as hot as July! I TMm thankful beyond belief I didn TMt pick a July date this year.

Anyway, we TMre both from the St. Louis area, and we had a wonderful St. Louis wedding. We were married in the Jewel Box, a fantastic art deco green house in the heart of Forest Park. The reception was at the Hilton at the Ballpark downtown. The ballroom overlooks the Arch, and when the sun went down; the city lights were spectacularly sparkling!

I TMve been know to eat my dessert before my meals at times. So, I made sure to have desserts galore at our reception. We had an amazing cake, filled with raspberry goodness and topped with St. Louis TMs best butter cream frosting. But, I needed more than just a cake| We had an entire dessert bar complete with gummy bears, chocolate covered Oreos, rock candy (so fun), cupcakes (my absolute favorite), malt balls and a couple other pink sweets! It was a fun, unique part of our big day!

Planning a wedding had been my favorite hobby for the past 18 months. I think it TMs one of those things you either love it or hate it.

I loved it.

But at the same time, it was nice when all the planning was over and we could move on with our little newlywed lives.

So, this blog will talk a lot about being a newlywed.

But, that brings up the questions: how long are you really a newlywed? Is it the first year of marriage, first couple years, until you have kids? What do you think? Also, what are the best parts of being a newlywed??

Stay tuned for more of my newlywedness insights!