New video shows no fighting at Hickman Rock Bridge game

The new video shows that no punches were thrown while police officers, coaches and teachers helped keep the crowd under control after Hickman's triple overtime victory.

A YouTube video caused some controversy this week over confrontations at a basketball game between two Columbia high schools.

The video shows how Hickman and Rock Bridge high school players and fans caused an apparent altercation at center court after Tuesday nightâ??s triple-overtime game.

But a new video has appeared on YouTube with a better angle of the situation. School officials said the new video shows there was never a fight and no one got hurt.

No one has filed any charges of assault with police.

The original YouTube video has more than 6,000 views. The caption says Rock Bridge player Nick Norton was overwhelmed by Hickman fans rushing the court, while his teammate Vencel Tigue climbed on top of bodies to try to pull Norton from the pile. The end of the video shows a lone woman attempting to physically confront Tigue.

The new video has very few views and shows that no punches were thrown while police officers, coaches and teachers helped keep the crowd under control.

Columbia School Superintendent Dr. Chris Belcher said, â??There are multiple perspectives. There are multiple videos on phones. The new video was shot by some student following the crowd. They were bouncing around and had the camera held up real high. That is where you can see the kid whose arms and legs were moving and realize he was not throwing punches. He was stepping over the crowd as he was trying to get his hand and get his friend out from the pile.â??

School administrators reviewed both videos several times. They believe there was no evidence of a fight and a lot of evidence of an old-fashioned dog pile.

Belcher said Columbia teachers are reminding students of the dangers of rushing onto basketball courts and football fields. He added that he wants to put the incident behind him.

That may be hard to do as the number of views on YouTube continues to grow everyday.