New Millersburg winery offers New England theme

Itâ??s the newest winery in Callaway County.

Serenity Valley Winery is the lifelong dream of Lee and Regina Ruppert.

The winery owners are new to Mid-Missouri, but they are old hands at making wine. In November, the Rupperts moved their winemaking operations from Oâ??Fallon, Missouri to some Callaway County property near Millersburg. The Rupperts ferment and bottle more than 20 wines on site. Visitors can make their own wine.

Lee Ruppert said, â??When they get completed with that, they can come back in about 8 weeks and have a bottling party. They get to fill the bottles. They get to put the corks in. They get to put their labels on.â??

The Rupperts use grapes, from across the country, to make their wines. They plan to start their own grape orchard. That orchard should bear fruit within the next 3 years.

The Rupperts have been making wine for the past 20 years. Theyâ??ve been doing it professionally for the past 5. During that 5 year period, theyâ??ve won numerous awards in international competitions.

The Rupperts are also proud of their property that overlooks a lake. They plan to have lakeside weddings, and special events like clam bakes and lobsterfests.

Regina Ruppert said, â??The previous owners designed it as an Oceanside home. Weâ??ve decided to go with a New England theme. I think that will set us apart. Weâ??ll have quilts, so if you want to sit near the lake on a quilt, you can. Eventually, we will turn the house into a bed and breakfast.â??

The owners of a winery in the Heart of Callaway County have big plans for their new home where they hope people can hold private parties or just relax from the stresses of the day.