New meth tracking law starts

People wanting to buy certain cold and allergy medicines in Missouri will soon be checked in a statewide database intended to catch illegal drug dealers.

State rules took effect Tuesday requiring pharmacists selling pseudoephedrine-based medicines to enter details about the buyer into a real-time electronic database.

Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in the illegal drug methamphetamine. The new database is intended to prevent people from buying more than the maximum daily or monthly amount of pseudoephedrine products allowed under Missouri law.

Appriss Inc. was picked to build the database in March. The database would automatically deny those trying to buy more than the state's limit on cold medicine.

Appriss Inc. website states that the MethCheck system "provides automated tools that give law enforcement the ability to monitor suspicious buying patterns." (Image Courtesy of Appriss Inc.)

Gov. Jay Nixon was highlighting the new database rules during a news conference Tuesday in Springfield. A Nixon spokesman said pharmacies will start using the database over the next several months, following several regional training sessions.

Check out the MethCheck Fact Sheet from Appriss Inc.

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