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      New knives on planes policy

      TSA officials announced a new policy that allows airline passengers to carry small knives on planes.

      Transportation Security Administration officials said their new policy matches international standards of air travel.

      Columbia Regional Airport passenger Osmund Bouligny said the new carry-on knife policy for planes is just common sense. Boligny said he believes you can already turn several things into a sharp object, including a credit card.

      â??Anything now a days can be used as a weapon," Bouligny said. "I would hope that the stewardess would be adequately trained to deal with such situations, if they have to.â??

      The new policy does not include box cutters, razor blades and knives that donâ??t fold or have molded grip handles.

      The policy doesn't just apply to small knives. It also applies to some sporting equipment. The new policy allows passengers to carry novelty wooden and plastic baseball bats, pool cues, ski poles, two golf clubs and even hockey sticks. Wesley Dessonville said anything could be weapon.

      "You can strangle somebody with my backpack," he said. "Itâ??s incidental. I donâ??t think the flight attendants have to worry about anything. I think they are well trained. They should be all right.â??

      TSA officials have been slowly changing their security policies since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In 2005, passengers began carrying nail clippers, small scissors and matches on board. Currently, their main security focus is on explosives.

      The new policy permitting knives on planes goes into effect April 25.