New JC administrator comes with experience

Jefferson City's new city administrator comes with over 30 years experience in municipal management.

Jefferson City's new city administrator comes with over 30 years of municipal management experience. Steven Crowell told KRCG 13 he chose to apply for the city administrator position for both personal and professional reasons.

"The redevelopment opportunities, certainly maintaining that quality of life that I referenced earlier. I know that there's some budget challenges, I know that those can be fun at times to work on but I that they're very challenging. So those are some of the challenges that I thought it would be exciting to work on," Crowell said.

A selection committee comprised of community members unanimously recommended Crowell for the position. The mayor and council made it official Tuesday night, ending a four month search that began with the September firing of former city administrator Nathan Nickolaus.

Mayor Eric Struemph says the experience Crowell brings to the table makes an asset to the city.

"When you have someone who's been doing that particular job for 30 some years in different communities, he's going to bring different experiences with him, and that's what we want. Whether it's our roads, whether it's a multi-purpose building, whether it's what we're trying to do with a conference center..." Struemph said.

Crowell is currently the city manager in St. Mary's, Georgia. Prior to that he worked in management for cities both large and small all across the country.

Crowell is scheduled to start working March 10.