New hope in identifying child's skeletal remains

Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long hopes a new development can help identify the remains of an eight to 13-year-old child of northern Mexican descent discovered last Oct. 26 near the intersection of two highways south of Dixon.

Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long is hoping a new development in the case of a child's skeletal remains discovered last year near Dixon will help identify the child. Long says once an identification is made, solving the mystery of what happened will become easier.

The grisly remains were discovered by a photographer on Oct. 26 of last year, in a treeline near Highways D and 28 just south of Dixon. Long says information from the Center for Human Identification in Ft. Worth, Tex., indicates that the remains are those of an eight to 13-year-old child of Mayan, Aztec, or other northern Mexican Indian heritage. The lab was unable to determine the sex of the child.

Long would not comment on any clothing found with the remains, saying that to do so could interfere with a future investigation.

Long says he doesn't know for sure how the child met his or her death. "It could be murder, or it could be something else, where someone just didn't notify us about the death." He said there simply isn't enough information available to determine a cause of death.

He says his department will release a foresic drawing of the victim shortly, along with a description of other characteristics which have been determined by studying the remains. The drawing will be released nationwide, and hopefully will help with an identification.

Long also says he has a "new development" he will announce that may also aid in identifying the remains.