New details in Charlie Bell murder case

Charlie Bell was missing for three years before a "cooperating citizen" came forward with information leading investigators to believe he was shot to death in his own home and his body dumped in a nearby pond.

Charlie Bell, who was last seen riding his motorcycle in September 2011, was shot to death in the garage of his north Boone County home and his body dumped in a nearby pond, according to the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

An affadavit filed with the Circuit Court, part of a request for a search warrant for Charlie Bell's former home in the 11200 block of North Route E, states that a "cooperating citizen" came forward to say she was at the home when an associate of Bell's shot and killed him in the garage.

The cooperating citizen said she helped dispose of Bell's body by cleaning the crime scene with beach towels and cleaning supplies to get rid of evidence.

On July 20, deputies arrested 33-year-old Jennifer Freeman and 44-year-old Patrick Curl in connection with the case. They said Freeman and Curl were present at the murder and helped clean up the scene.

When the house was searched three years ago shortly after Bell's disappearance, the affidavit shows detectives could not find any evidence of foul play at the time. During a new search July 29, however, seven swabs of "apparent blood" were collected for testing.

Since then, deputies have been searching a pond they drained near Harrisburg, not far from Bell's former home. So far, they have not turned up any evidence of Bell's person or clothing. But, Detective Tom O'Sullivan said the process is not easy, and that is why after more than a week of searching, they haven't been able to find any sign of Bell.

"It's a slow, arduous, tedious process. They're down there with a teaspoon digging through that stuff," he said.

O'Sullivan said, no other sites are being searched at this time. He says he is "optimistic" that the case will be solved.

The affidavit, signed by Detective Jessica Jameson, states the "cooperating citizen" provided the names of several other people who were at the scene of the murder and also helped conceal and dispose of the body. The investigation has shown that all of those named were known associates of Bell.

O'Sullivan would not say if investigators are seeking those people, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

During the search of Bell's former home, the current homeowner would not allow deputies to enter the main part of the house, and eventually revoked his consent of the search of the garage, at which time deputies stopped the search and left. However, they are still present at the scene providing security.