New Columbia Mall roadway doesnâ??t worry drivers

Traffic moves through the diverging diamond interchange near the Columbia Mall Friday afternoon. Shoppers told KRCG 13 new traffic lanes did not overly concern them.

Shoppers told KRCG 13 Friday they did not think new lanes around the Columbia Mall would aggravate holiday traffic.

The 2013-14 holiday season will be the first for the diverging diamond interchange at I-70 and Stadium Drive as well as new turn lanes and traffic signals around the mall. Some shoppers said they felt traffic was moving more smoothly since the interchange opened. Columbia resident Taylor Breedlove said the biggest problem he foresees is drivers not paying attention to the lanes.

â??Itâ??s kinda scary watching people drive through here with their cars full of distractions,â?? he said.

Richard Stone, Columbiaâ??s Supervising Traffic Engineer, told KRCG 13 the city does not follow any set procedure for rerouting traffic during the holiday season. Instead, he said the city monitors the situation and adjusts accordingly. Stone said changing signal timing is usually enough to reduce congestion.

â??Occasionally, for whatever reason, traffic changes to a different pattern or moves a different direction and then we need to potentially add a little time to a left turn or a through movement,â?? he said.

Stone said road construction around the mall will halt around midday on Wednesday, November 27th and will not resume until the following Monday, December 2nd.