New Capital Mall manager plans to add stores, host events

Jefferson City native and new Capital Mall manager Jamie Reed has only been on the job for a month, but in that short amount of time he sees where the mall needs improvement.

"It's gone downhill. Stores have left, people have given the mall a stigma that it's not a good place to shop and we want to turn that around," Reed said.

Reed works for Covington Realty Partners, the group recruited by Jefferson City brothers Mike and Bud Farmer to run the mall.

The Farmer brothers bought Capital Mall this past winter.

"I used to come to the mall whenever it was a great place to come and shop so it's my personal goal to make it that way again," Reed said.

Ryan Gattermeir, who now lives down at the Lake, said he also used to go to the mall as a child.

"We would bring the whole family here and go shopping. It's different than it used to be. It used to have a lot more food options and restaurants and things like that," Gattermeir said.

Reed hopes to bring more stores into the mall.

"I wouldn't expect 10 new stores to open up in the next three months, but in the next six to 12 months we could get a couple new stores," he said.

Reed also plans to bring traffic into the mall by hosting events there. On Sunday, Capitol City Cheer held a talent showcase right outside JC Penny.

"Getting people in the doors with events like this will help the tenants we have and then that will help tell the story to new stores that we're trying to get here to the mall," he said.

Cheer mom and Lohman resident Kim Allen said the showcase shows how many people these events can draw.

"I have three kids that are on the competitive team so just from our family and friends alone we're probably bringing 20 to 30 people. So that's bringing tons of people to the mall," Allen said.

Reed said they are working to implement the improvements immediately.