Neighborhood told to "be aware" after break ins

The Grande Highland Estates Neighborhood Association sent a letter telling residents to "be aware" after recent break ins.

One Wardsville neighborhood is sending out letters telling residents to "be aware" after recent break ins.

The letter, given to KRCG 13 by a Grande Highland Estates resident, says there "have been reported break-ins in the neighborhood recently. The intruder(s) entered one house while the owners were at home sleeping. No one was hurt but money was taken."

One of the residents of that house told KRCG 13 that her purse was taken while she slept. She said her purse was later recovered in Moniteau County, along with about 12 other purses.

She wished not to be identified.

The Cole County Sheriff's Office says they have two reports of break ins in the Grande Highland subdivision. Captain John Wheeler said in both of those cases, garage doors were left open.

The woman we spoke with said her garage door was closed at the time of the break in, but she could not remember if all doors were locked.

The letter goes on to say that "another resident reported someone banging on their front door and ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night."

One neighbor said people have started keeping their lights on at night, and they are thinking about creating a neighborhood watch program.