Neighborhood remembers shooting victim

A judge has set bond at $1 million for a teenager charged with shooting another teen Monday night in Columbia.

19year-old Anthony Graves is charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action.

In court Tuesday, Graves waived his formal arraignment.

He will have a preliminary hearing next month.

He is charged with shooting 17-year-old Deaudre Johnson Monday night in central Columbia.

We returned to the neighborhood to find an uneasiness among the residents there.

"There isn't enough forgiveness in this world", DeAnn Young told us.

She has lived in the neighborhood overlooking Douglass Park her whole life.

The recent shooting of Deaudre Johnson has her praying for her neighbors.

She teared up when we asked her about the violence.

She said she remembers a Douglass Park when times were simpler, "The old day of a fist fight seems to be over with, because when I was growing up, yeah we had fights in the neighborhood, but you were back playing with the same group of kidsâ??.

And while Young is remembering the past, and praying for the future, some of the kids who will shape that future say it's already looking bad,
"I feel like a lot of the kids is going to get into it. It's going to be generations of fighting and shooting and stuff it ain't going to ever stop", Laronya Brown said.

Chiqita told us, "My kids are young and they really don't understand, but sooner or later I plan on moving away from Columbia because it's crazy".

But while the community tries to heal, friends are still questioning why Johnson's life was cut short.

Jasmine Ward said, "He was into his school, he was doing good in school, I Just think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time".