NCAA hands Haith 5-game suspension from Miami

Mizzou Menâ??s Basketball Coach Frank Haith learned he faces a 5-game suspension.

Update: October 22, 2013, 5:05 p.m.

It took the NCAA more than 2 years, but now Mizzou Menâ??s Basketball Coach Frank Haith learned he faces a 5-game suspension.

They said Haith tried to cover up a blackmail payment to a family member of a player while he coached at Miami University.

NCAA investigators said Haith knew one of his former Miami assistant coaches gave $10,000 to a blackmailer to keep him quiet.

The alleged blackmailer is convicted felon Nevin Shapiro who is a family member of former Miami player Dequan Jones. Shapiro threatened to tell authorities about improper contact with high school recruits and amateur coaches. Haith denies any wrongdoing but does not plan to appeal.

Haith said, â??This signifies closure. We can move forward. Understand that this is not an admission of guilt because I do not agree with the findings of the NCAA.â??

Corey Haith experienced the 27-month investigation as a Mizzou basketball player and the coachâ??s son.

Corey Haith said, â??If it was me, I probably would have shriveled up and probably not wanted to keep on. Heâ??s put a happy smile on his face and done his job better than anybody else in the nation if you ask me.â??

Haith will sit out 5 games next month and is not allowed any contact with the team during that time.

MU Athletic Director Mike Alden said Haith and everyone involved with the Mizzou basketball program deserves closure and heâ??s proud to have Haith as a basketball coach.

Original Story:

Missouri men's basketball coach Frank Haith faces a 5-game suspension after the NCAA found he failed to monitor his former assistants' interactions with a disgraced Miami booster.

The NCAA released the findings of its investigation into convicted felon Nevin Shapiro's relationship with Miami athletics on Tuesday. It found that then-Miami coach Haith and an assistant coach provided Shapiro $10,000 after he threatened to expose previous improper contact with high school recruits and amateur coaches.

Shapiro initially demanded $50,000 from Haith, who refused. The unidentified assistant then loaned Shapiro $7,000, which he later repaid. The NCAA also found that Haith helped his assistant pay off Shapiro's mother.

Coach Frank Haith released the following statement about the punishment:

"While I strongly disagree with todayâ??s report, and the inference on how the program was run at the University of Miami, as head basketball coach during that period, I accept responsibility for all actions in and around that program. This has been an excruciating ordeal for my family. An appeal, which would likely drag further into the season, would only prolong what has already been a lengthy and trying period of time for our student-athletes, the University of Missouri and our fans, and itâ??s time for closure.

Iâ??m pleased with the positive working relationship we have with our compliance staff at Mizzou and we will continue our focus in that area as we move forward. I am very humbled and grateful for the support that I have received from the University of Missouri, its leadership, and our tremendous fans."

University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton issued this statement about the suspension:

"I have reviewed the findings of the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions related to the University of Miami athletic program. Given our respect for the principles of compliance in intercollegiate sports, we will not appeal the sanctions placed on our Head Menâ??s Basketball Coach, Frank Haith.

The University of Missouri has a strong culture of compliance. I can firmly say that since April of 2011 when he joined our family, Coach Haith has reaffirmed our values of compliance in every way, and we fully expect that to continue. We owe our student-athletes, our university, our state, and Mizzou Nation no less."

Athletic Director Mike Alden reacted to the suspension with this statement:

"We certainly recognize the serious nature of the allegations included in todayâ??s report. At Missouri, we take great pride in our conduct with regard to NCAA rules and regulations. During his time here, Coach Haith has been forthright with me and our compliance staff throughout this long process. After all this time, Coach Haith, his family, the University of Missouri, our student-athletes, and our fans, deserve closure. We are extremely excited about the direction of our program and look forward to his continued leadership for our young men. Iâ??m proud to have Frank Haith as our menâ??s basketball coach."

Mary Austin, the Senior Associate Athletics Director of Compliance issued this statement:

"We have reviewed the NCAAs ruling on the University of Miamiâ??s infractions case, particularly its ruling on the allegations against Frank Haith. We are supportive of Coach Haithâ??s decision to move forward, even though the option to appeal was there. Itâ??s very important to note that Coach Haith has been diligent and consistent in his efforts to promote an atmosphere of compliance at Mizzou. Frank Haith is a head coach who exhibits cooperation and support of all compliance efforts with his program, and we are pleased to move forward as a team.â??

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