MU's Children's Hospital patients get make-overs from the "Glamour-azzi"

There are a lot of happy little girls in Mid-Missouri thanks to the â??Glamour-azziâ?? at MU's Children's Hospital Wednesday night.

Girls who were patients in the hospital as well as some frequent visitors spent the evening being pampered by professionals.

Usually when children think about hospitals they don't have a happy face on, but on wednesday night that changed.

"All things pink and glitter and feathers, absolutely, that's the theme of tonight," Children's Miracle Network coordinator Michelle Kemp said.

The Glamour-azzi team was there in full force, to help make each little girl look like a fairytale princess.

"I got my hair curled, I got make-up and I got my nails painted," 8-year-old Madeline Burton said.

Madeline knows Children's Hospital very well, because her younger brother was ill and spent 170-days there as a patient.

Event organizers said this is a way for the children to have fun at a place they normally can not.

"Today is really just about doing something that's fun just for them and getting to be kids and not having anything associated with their illness, it's just about having a good time," Kemp said.

Five-year-old Cassidy-Rae got a makeover from the Glamour-azzi team.

While she can't say it out loud, her mom knew she had a blast.

"She's smiling a lot, like she usually does and she'll point at her little toes and show you they're being painted and her little fingernails," Cassidy-Rae's mom Renee Luebbering said.

Christy Huggans, Glamour-azzi member and co-owner of The Strand Salon and Spa said the kids deserved a break from their treatments and everything else going on in their lives.

"We think if we can provide them with a little bit of reprieve from that by having their hair done, and their nails done and their make-up that, it's just a really great thing to do,â?? Huggans said. â??We enjoy it probably as much, or more than they do."

For a night they left their worries at the door and were able to be little girls again.

Cassidy-Rae's mom said events like this are also good for parents to meet one another.

She says that helps to build support networks.