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      Murder Victimâ??s Mother Speaks Out After Confessed Killer Freed

      The mother of a woman who disappeared ten years ago told KRCG Monday the man who confessed to killing her daughter could do the same thing to other women after his Monday morning release from prison.

      Marianne Asher-Chapman said she suspects Michael Yarnell, her daughterâ??s husband who confessed to killing her as part of a plea bargain, has committed violent acts toward other women and would do the same in the future.

      Marianneâ??s daughter, Angie, disappeared in November 2003 and has never been found. Her husband, Michael Yarnell was eventually arrested in connection with her disappearance. In 2009, Yarnell accepted a plea bargain. He confessed to killing Angie and in return had all charges against him reduced to a single count of manslaughter, for which he served four years of a seven year sentence. Yarnell was released on Monday morning.

      Asher-Chapman said Missouriâ??s laws dealing with cases like Yarnellâ??s are inadequate and need to be changed. She said the punishment must fit the crime and Yarnellâ??s sentence was far too light, noting there are people who serve far more time in Missouriâ??s prisons for lesser crimes. Asher-Chapman co-founded Missouri Missing in the aftermath of her daughterâ??s disappearance. She said the organization would continue advocating for Missouriâ??s missing people, of which she said there are more than a thousand. As for herself, Asher-Chapman said her search is not over.

      "I just continue to search for my daughter," she said. "Thatâ??s what I do. I literally search with a shovel in my hand. And I am going to find Angie someday."