Murder suspect: "Don't tell anyone- it's a secret"

GOLDEN CITY, MO -- A probable cause statement says a man accused of killing a 12-year-old southwest Missouri girl led authorities to her body, but he claimed she died from a fall.

The autopsy indicates that Adrainna Horton was strangled. Barton County prosecutor Steven Kaderly released the probable cause statement Sunday.

According to that statement, on August 19th Adrianna was playing at Hazel Park in Golden City with her sisters and other friends when 34-year-old Bobby Don Bourne, Junior approached her and told her to get in his SUV. A juvenile witness heard Bourne say, "Don't tell anyone- it's a secret.â??

Adrianna got into his SUV and Bourne drove off.

Once Bourne's car left the park, Adrianna's younger sisters ran to theirr grandma's house and told her what happened. That's when the search started for the 12-year-old girl.

Within hours, officers stopped Bourne's SUV in a traffic stop. At first, he told officers he didn't kidnap Adrianna nor did he know where she was. Later, he told investigators he took Adrianna to an abandoned residence in Golden City and questioned her about the whereabouts of her father, James Horton.

Court documents indicate that Bourne led investigators to a wooded area southeast of Golden City, where the girl's body was found.

Investigators said that Bourne claimed Adrianna Horton ran away from him, fell down and died as a result of falling. But an autopsy showed she was strangled and there was evidence the girl was sexually assaulted and was seriously assaulted in the process.

Court documents also indicated that at least one of Adrianna's younger siblings knew who Bourne was, but officers said he was not related to Adrianna by blood or marriage.

Bourne is charged with first degree murder, forcible rape, statutory rape and child kidnapping,

He is set to be arraigned in Barton County court Monday afternoon and on September 10th.