MU professor remembers Mandela

Professor Wilma King visited the Robben Island Prison that once held Nelson Mandela.

A Mizzou Black Studies professor has a close connection to the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Wilma King recently visited South Africa and saw Mandelaâ??s prison and jail cell.

Two years ago, King got a grant to travel to South Africa and the University of the Western Cape. While working with faculty there, King found time to visit the Robben Island Prison that once held Nelson Mandela. King took hundreds of photos for her students and herself.

King said, â??At 95 years of age and seeing the kind of progress that had been made in South Africa as a result of his work and the work of others who were very close to him, I could not imagine that he would have many regrets.â??

King said Mandela had a huge influence over the lives of Mizzou faculty, staff and students because of his fight for economic freedom and civil rights.

King said, â??In his death and even before he died, people could see a difference that he made. Thatâ??s very important. I think thatâ??s very important.â??

King got another grant to go back to South Africa next year. She plans to work with South African faculty members and help improve their Black Studies Program.

King has received several national awards for her books and publications.