MU blood drive exceeds expectations

The University Of Missouriâ??s homecoming blood drive exceeded everyoneâ??s expectations.

Student organizers hoped to collect nearly 5,000 pints of blood during this weekâ??s annual drive. The drive ended up collecting 5,730 pints by the time it ended Thursday. Since each pint could help save up to three lives, more than 17,000 patients could benefit from the donations.

â??The Red Cross and the hospitals we serve cannot express enough our thanks to the University and the community for their support,â?? said Scott Caswell, CEO of the Missouri-Illinois Blood Services Region. â??The Red Cross greatly appreciates the efforts of the student volunteers who helped the drive run smoothly, and we value each blood donation we received from our committed donors.â??

Not only did the blood drive exceed its goal, it recorded the 100,000th pint in the driveâ??s history. In the 27 prior years the Red Cross and the University of Missouri have hosted the Homecoming Blood Drive, the drive collected more than 95,000 pints of blood. With the totals from this year, the Homecoming Blood Drive has collected more than 100,000 pints in 28 years.