MS Society painting a town near you orange

It's a debilitating condition that affects 400,000 Americans.

Gail Cameron has MS.

"In the morning, I take medications, I have to take medications for pain. At night I have to take medications to sleep with, because with MS, you only usually sleep a couple hours at a time. I have leg spasms, you're more prone to other things because it affects your autoimmune disorder," she says.

Multiple Sclerosis can take a person's life and turn it upside-down.

Dr. Robert Burger is a neurologist from Columbia and he deals with the terrible realities of the disease day in, and day out.

"Patients with MS can have a very wide range of neurological dysfunction, including fatigue, difficulty with their walking, difficulty with their strength, difficulty with their sensations, bowel and bladder difficulty, about anything that the brain controls can be affected by MS."

The MS Society Gateway Area Chapter is fighting back by painting a town near you orange.

They kicked off the promotion on Sunday with a rally at Harpo's Bar and Grill in downtown Columbia.

"MS Awareness week is today, the 11th through the 17th, and so every day we have events planned for throughout Columbia. And in Ashland, they are tying orange ribbons all over the streets of Ashland, the fire trucks, the police cars, so it's pretty exciting, so we're going to be visiting businesses all next week, says Denise Falco, the Community Development Manager of the Gateway Area Chapter of the MS Society.

With â??Paint The Town Orangeâ??, the MS Society hopes to brighten the lives of those with the disease, so they can live the life they want.

Philip Sachs' wife has the crippling disease, but he says it's all about staying positive.

"It depends on what you let MS do, and we don't let MS gear our life," Sachs said. "We have a life that we live, and MS is part of it, but we handle the things that come along"

There are three walks that the Gateway Area MS Society has planned for Mid-Missouri in the coming months, and they all are going to raise money for MS research. You can sign up at the National' MS Society's website, which is also where you can find more information on Multiple Sclerosis.