Motorcycle Shops, Highway Patrol tell drivers to watch out for bikes on the road

Spring is in full effect, and it's the time of the year when folks like to shake the dust off their boots and pull the bike out of it's corner in the garage.

Many, like local bike owner Will Wright, said that there's nothing quite like cruising down the open road with your motorcycle.

"You're out there, and you don't have to listen to a radio or anything like that; [it's] just relaxing."

The warmer weather this year has been especially kind to motorcycle retailers.

"We actually set records in January and February for bike sales, and this month has been a very good month for us as well. So, yeah, it's been very good," said Ron Schieferdecker, Assistant Sales Manager at Mid-America Harley Davison in Columbia.

He also said there are some things that folks who share the road with bikers should consider.

"Just watch for bikes, you know. They're normally pretty noisy, so listen and watch. Make sure you check both ways. Don't look for a big vehicle,â?? he said.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol gives a few tips as well, which can be found here. Some of these include giving bikers plenty of space, checking your blind spots before turning, and always try to anticipate what the biker will do next.

Schieferdecker says those are good rules of thumb, along with using common sense.

"So just watch for lights, watch for people, and make sure that you give the biker the same courtesy you're going to give any kind of motorist. They're going to need the same distance to get out in traffic,and to accelerate, and everything else," he said.

For bikers, those same rules apply to them.

Plus, they should be sure they do some basic maintenance on their bike from time to time, such as checking their tire pressure, which gives them a better grip on the road.