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      Mother's Day meal for Mom

      Mary Lepper is one of the proudest moms you'll ever meet on Mother's Day. Mary's family treated her to lunch at Jefferson City's Mel's Country Cafe after giving her flowers and cards. Her two sons, Chad and Alan, try to make every day Mother's Day for her as not one day goes by without a phone call.

      Mary Lepper said, "I need to have my grandchildren call more often."

      Mary Lepper has two sons, five grandchildren and six great grandchildren. All of that happened because Mary and her husband William decided to adopt. William Lepper passed away on October 4, 2008. Alan Lepper feels special because his parents adopted him and his brother Chad.

      Alan Lepper said, "Basically, we were chosen. Sometimes you have parents that take things for granted. It's some thing special when you know that you are adopted."

      Even at age 84, Alan said his mother Mary is the one his family members always ask to get things done. Her favorite thing about being a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother is sharing her life with the ones she loves. If you ask what she likes best about Mother's Day Mary says, "When they come to visit and when we have our meals together."

      On this Mother's Day, Mary Lepper's family made sure that she had a meal fit for a queen.