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      Mother of murder victim speaks out

      The mother of a Columbia man shot and killed over the weekend said authorities could have done more to save her sonâ??s life.Investigators said someone murdered 25-year-old Brandon Coleman after an argument early Saturday morning.Witnesses told Winona Coleman-Broadus that her son Brandon did not fire a weapon at the person who shot him three times and killed him. Coleman-Broadus said she believes authorities did not act fast enough to save her sonâ??s life.Coleman-Broadus said, â??I donâ??t understand why trained, professional people could not have tried to stop bleeding, start CPR and reassured and comforted him. They could have at least allowed my son to die in a humane fashion rather than like a damn animal because he is not an animal. He was a good kid who made some bad choices.â??Witnesses told Coleman-Broadus that police did nothing to save her sonâ??s life while they waited about 30 minutes for a University Hospital ambulance. Boone Hospital Center was less than five minutes away from the crime scene. Columbia police would not confirm what witnesses told family members. Authorities are only saying that they questioned everyone involved with the murder.It took authorities 11 hours to notify family members of Colemanâ??s death. Family members say they were proud that Brandon worked as a groundskeeper for the University of Missouriâ??s Athletic Department for the past three years. They said Brandon was not a thug or a criminal.Coleman-Broadus said, â??I donâ??t want this to be swept under the rug like Trayvon Martin. I want justice.â??Authorities have made no arrests and said the investigation is ongoing.