More questions than answers in Columbia standoff

Columbia Police surrounded a home in the 500-block of Noble Court during a disturbance.

A standoff in Columbia ended Tuesday evening without anyone in custody.

Officers went to the 500 block of Noble Court for a disturbance at about 4:10 p.m. Tuesday.

Columbia Police Spokesperson said a person inside the home told dispatchers a male there with them was â??on something and threatened to shoot them.â??

The victim initially reported the male was in the basement of the home and there were guns inside.

Patrol officers surrounded the home and tried to contact the male by phone and through a PA system.

While officers were trying to make contact with him, other officers were talking with the victim and gathering information.

By talking with the victim, officers realized the original information was not accurate.

Officers discovered the male may have left the home before they got there since a back door to the basement was open with no sign of anyone inside.

Soon after, authorities withdrew from the scene.