More people buying cars in mid-Missouri

Auto dealerships in mid-Missouri saw strong sales numbers in August, as within many other parts of the nation.

The Corwin Honda dealership saw a 25% increase in August sales from this year over 2012. Sales associate Jen Serfass says she's seen many people come to the dealership who simply need a new car.

"The car might be too old, it might be time for an expensive service and they don't want to pay thousands of dollars, so they opt to get a new car."

Serfass also said that because of the recession, a lot of people held off on buying a new or used car to save a few dollars and are more willing to spend their money this year. Automakers are also agressively marketing promotional offers that coincide with people's need for a new set of wheels.

Customer Edwin Burton came to Corwin to buy a used car for his daughter. He says, the reason he'll buy now is simple.

"Actually, they're slightly cheaper for a comparison of a car as they have been in the past," Burton said. "During the recession, people couldn't afford new cars, so they were demanding used cars which jacked the price up."

Used car dealerships are seeing an increase in sales too - America's Car Mart on Jefferson Boulevard saw a 10% increase in July sales over 2012.

But even with all the discounts and promotions that dealerships have to offer, Car Mart manager Travis Boley says, a good month often comes down to what you can't control.

"For one, it wasn't pouring down rain a whole lot, which unfortunately for us, rain translates in to slow sales. If someone's going to buy, they've got to get out of their car first. If it's too hot, people just aren't comfortable coming out."

Dealerships hope for good weather, and strong sales in September.