More disappearing dogs on Highway AA

Another dog owner on a state road of Tipton has come forward to say her dogs disappeared recently, bringing the tally of disappearing dogs on State Road AA to 11 within a six month period.

After KRCG first learned of the incidents on December 16, dog owner Tina Potts came forward and said her two terriers went missing on December 6. Potts said the two dogs, a Boston Terrier and a Jack Russell Terrier, ran off into the woods to chase rabbits and never returned.

All of the dogs that have disappeared are purebreds, leading Potts and others to suspect their dogs may have been stolen and sold for profit, a process called "pet flipping".

"I just think it's real strange," Potts said. "I just wonder what is going on. Is someone picking them up to use for experiments? A dogfighting ring? Are they just killing them? That many dogs wouldn't just disappear on their own."

"I would feel much better if I just knew they were dead," Potts said. She said the lack of closure has brought unhappiness to many of her neighbors as well.

Boonville Animal Control is aware of the problem and said that "pet flipping" is familiar to them. "It really depends on the state of the economy, or what types of dogs are fashionable," said Animal Control officer Michelle Capps. "Right now, since the economy is bad, purebreds are being targeted because they fetch a lot of money."

Capps said pet owners should be extra vigilant. "It's very important to know where your pet is at all times," Capps said.

Boonville Animal Control recommends that pet owners microchip their dogs and cats to prevent the loss of their animals. Microchipping generally costs less than $100.