Mood boosting foods

What we chose to eat may be effecting our overall mood in a negative way.

At least that is that we were told by Denise Coots, a registered dietitian.

Denise explains our metabolism and mood work together.

She told us most of the best tasting choices are not the best for beating the blues. Denise said, "That candy bar at 2 in the afternoon sounded like a good idea but chances are 35 minutes after eating it you find yourself even more slumped than you were before.â??

Dark chocolate in small amounts is actually on the list of Denise's mood boosters. Others on the list include asparagus, eggs, and nuts.

There is a key to boosting your mood called, breakfast.

Denise encouraged starting everyday with breakfast by saying, "Even if you say, ok, I cant have a full breakfast... start off with a piece of fruit or maybe a small glass of milk."

Starting small and working your way towards a well rounded breakfast as well as adding more fruits, veggies and nuts to your shopping list will help everyday be a better day.