Mom stops knife-wielding intruder; saves kids

"So it's either fight and survive or not fight and die," Tina Marie Griffin said when an intruder with a knife came into her home.

A home invasion in Camden County didn't go as planned for one man Tuesday.

Now, she's asking for help to catch the criminal.

Tina Marie Griffin is like most most moms. She has an unconditional love for her children. But when danger is near, there's no stopping her from keeping her children safe.

Tuesday morning, Tina, her four children, another mom and her four children, and a teenager, were all at Tina's home near Camdenton. A masked man walked up to Tina's friend outside and demanded money. He then forced the friend into the home, where the others were. He told Tina he had a gun and he showed a knife.

"Lord you gotta take over... that's pretty much what I said in my mind. Tell me what to do and guide my steps and guide my words. I'm not going now," Tina said.

She knew she had two choices, "So it's either fight and survive or not fight and die," she said. The man continued to make demands, and that's when Tina took charge of the situation.

"When he started fighting to get my phone, I was trying to take pictures of him with my phone. I was trying to get on Facebook Live with my phone. If I'm dying or something happens to me, I want this guy's mug shot. I want him caught," Tina added. The man told everyone to sit on the couch, but still Tina wasn't going to listen.

"I read how he was feeling and what he was thinking," she said. "He was like what the heck, probably a different word. What the heck am I doing here is what he was thinking, especially when I started yelling at him, 'You're not taking my phone, you're not taking my money, you're not gonna make my kids sit on the couch.' And the second I started saying no, no, no, no, no, he was realizing what the heck am I doing here, I'm not gonna get what I came for, I gotta get out."

The man pushed Tina down three stairs, before he ran out of the house and drove off. "I was shaking trying to call 911 trying to call my husband. Got 911 on the phone grabbed my keys and said I'm getting the jerk." Although he was able to get away, Tina is hopeful someone will recognize the suspect's description.

He is described as approximately 5'10" and weighs about 160 pounds. He has blue eyes, freckles, and sandy-brown hair.

Investigators urge anyone with information to call the Camden County Sheriff's Department at 573-346-2243.

Tina also speaks to kids and parents about keeping safe in today's world. Her mission is to challenge the next generation to live counter-culturally to what the critics claim is “harmless entertainment.” Click here to learn more about Counter Culture Mom.

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