Mom accused of cutting baby's throat: 'I was possessed'

Bradie Rachell Simpson

Update: 9:55 a.m. Feb. 8:

The nine-month-old baby has been released from the hospital to juvenile services care. Bradie Simpson's condition has been upgraded to good.

Original Story:

A Camden County mother is charged with assault and armed criminal action for cutting her baby's throat.

It happened last Saturday, three months after court documents show the woman told a pastor last October she thought she was possessed and might hurt the child.

39-year-old Bradie Simpson is charged with assault and armed criminal action. She is jailed on $200,000 bond and does not yet have an attorney.

Simpson's 9-month-old daughter underwent emergency surgery and is considered to be in critical condition.

Camden County authorities were called early Saturday by Simpson's son. At the home on Dry Ridge Rd., the boy told authorities that Simpson and the baby were missing. He also saw a bloody knife and bed sheets in her bedroom.

Four hours later, deputies allegedly found Simpson lying on the ground in the woods, holding the girl who was covered in blood. Both the baby and Simpson had knife wounds.

Court documents also say during a search of Simpson's house, they found a baggie with a substance that tested positive for heroin. Simpson is being held on $200,000 bond.