MoDOT working to fix flood-damaged roads


The Missouri Department of Transportation is busy working to repair central Missouri roads damaged by last weekâ??s flooding.

The department on Monday will bid three separate repair projects for: Route T near Newburg in Phelps County; Route H in Waynesville in Pulaski County; and an Interstate 44 outer road, also in Waynesville.

MoDOT officials said these three projects require more extensive planning, design and construction work than some of the other damaged roadways. Those highways have either already been fixed or repair work is under way by MoDOT maintenance crews.

Flooding caused the roadway on Route T to slide and washed away part of Route H. On the I-44 outer road, a large pipe that is located at the entrance to the Laclede Electric Cooperative is in need of repair. MoDOT expects these three projects to be completed in the next several weeks.

In addition to these three roads, Central District maintenance crews are working to repair Route BB near Montreal in Laclede County and Route K north of Iberia in Miller County.

A number of lettered routes in mid-Missouri, along with Interstate 44 and Routes 50 and 63, were all under water at various times. I-44, which flooded near Jerome, did not sustain any damage. Route 50 at Mt. Sterling and Route 63 near Vienna suffered damage to the pavement edge. MoDOT crews made repairs on those routes before opening the roads to traffic.

â??We canâ??t thank folks enough for their patience during the flooding, and we ask for their continued support as we work to get these remaining roads fixed and reopened,â?? said MoDOT Central District Engineer David Silvester.

â??Mother Nature dealt us quite a blow last week, and weâ??re working as quickly as we can to repair the flood damage and get travel back to normal.â??