MoDOT is running out of money

MoDOT announced Monday that they are holding spring property sale.

They have 39 parcels ranging in size from 1/10th of an acre to 199 acres.

All the property will be for sale starting Monday March 28th and ending April 1st.

This comes a week after MoDOT TMs director announced that the state is nearing a crisis in highway funding, and may have to turn away federal dollars, unless it comes up with more of its own money for roads.

KRCG TMs FactFinder Team spoke with the director Monday to find out what MoDOT is going to do to try and fix the problem.

MoDOT has a big problem on their hands; they're running out of money.

The director of MoDOT told KRCG their transportation construction program for the last five years had a budget of $1.2 billion, but over the next five years they will only have half that.

"As we approach 2015 and 16 we have to do some significant things inside MoDOT to save enough money to match federal funds. As we approach 2017 we don't think we can, Director of MoDOT Kevin Keith said.

From mowing grass to repaving roads MoDOT said they plan to cut costs on many things so they can save money.

"We TMre going to mow the grass less, we're going to put up signs less, stripe roads less, and even though we had a bad winter we're trying to save money by changing how we plow snow without all the resources, Keith said.

Keith said MoDOT, as a whole is also going to become smaller in order to help save money for highway funds.

MoDOT is going to get smaller. We TMre just getting smaller as an organization. That means less people, less buildings, and less equipment, Keith said. Every time we do that we free up cash, and that cash is what we need to match those federal funds."

One way MoDOT is trying to make some money is through their spring property sale.

"It helps our problem a little bit, but that's not the primary reason we're doing this. We just don't need to have property we got to maintain or deal with, Keith said. "So we might as well sell that and put it back on the books and let someone do something productive with it."

Keith said they are working very hard to try and solve the federal funds issue.