Moberly woman charged has shady past

The Moberly woman charged with abandoning a newborn baby's body in a pond will be back in court later this month. Cassidy King appeared with her attorney in a Randolph County courtroom Wednesday afternoon. She pleaded not guilty to the charge. On Sunday, King's sister found the baby boy dead in a duffel bag in a pond. "When I heard about it, it was shocking," a high school friend said. 25-year old Cassidy King was a childhood friend and the woman told us kings seemed like a teenager with a wild side. Just like a partier, just wanted to party all of the time, wanted to have fun, do teenage things," King's high school friend said. Her high school friend said she doesn't remember King ever wanting children. Other people Moberly said King wore loose clothing and they had no idea she was pregnant. "When people found out that it was her that had come across all of this, everybody was like, she was pregnant? Wow," King's high school friend said. Court documents listed King's address on Madison Street in Moberly. Those same documents said King admitted to having her baby at home several weeks ago. "I do know there was a lot of yelling and threats of calling the police on each other," King's neighbor Ernie Carter said. Neighbors said there was a constant flow of people in and out of King's home on Madison Street and said they suspect drug activity. In fact, online court records show in 2009, King pleaded guilty to trying to steal Anhydrous Ammonia, a key ingredient in making meth. She's currently serving a five year probation. While King is not charged with killing her own own child, neighbors said desperate women have other options. "Really, I just wished she asked for some help," one neighbor said. "People are sick, sick people, I mean to do that to a baby, whether she killed it or just tried to hide it, I don't know. It's not this neighborhood," Carter said. King is set to appear in court again May 23.