Moberly mother avoids murder trial for death of newborn baby

Moberly mother Cassidy King pleaded guilty to killing her newborn baby.

A Moberly woman accused of killing her newborn baby has pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges.

She was sentenced Tuesday morning to four years for manslaughter, avoiding a murder trial. She also got four years for drug trafficking. The sentences will be served consecutively.

Investigators say 26-year-old Cassidy King hid the body of her dead baby boy in a Higbee pond in the summer of 2011, just weeks after giving birth.

A Randolph County judge ruled there was probable cause that a felony was committed after prosecutors produced enough evidence to send King's case to circuit court.

In October 2012, King pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge. King withdrew that plea and entered a guilty one Tuesday morning in court.

The charges of drug trafficking are from an investigation two years ago. King is currently serving a seven-year sentence on drug charges in Shelby County.