MO Task Force 1 searches for Joplin survivors

85 members of Missouri Task Force 1 are in Joplin searching for survivors of Sunday TMs tornado.

The search and rescue team left for St. Louis on Friday for a weekend training mission.

Missouri Task Force 1 members got the call for assistance in Joplin about 8 p.m. Sunday.

By 3 a.m. Monday, the Columbia-based search and rescue team found complete devastation in the heart of the damage and several human remains.

Boone County Fire Protection District Assistant Chief Gale Blomenkamp said, They have 5 search and rescue teams put together. They went in and searched a 9 square block area of what is considered some of the heaviest damaged portions of the tornado path. They TMre finding a lot of human remains and just complete destruction. The conditions that they are working in are very difficult.

Members of Missouri Task Force 1 continue to search for survivors.

Task Force Leaders expect to finish their search and rescue efforts within the next 2 days.