MO Task Force 1 continues Hurricane Irma relief efforts

Twelve Missouri Task Force 1 members continued their work Tuesday as part of Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

The search and rescue team based in Boone County worked with other emergency personnel from across the country.

The Missouri rescue teams were in various locations including Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Georgia and Florida.

MO-TF1 members at St. Thomas searched with rescue dogs as emergency crews helped manage equipment and supplies deployed by FEMA.

Task Force leaders said the response to Irma was more difficult than the response to Harvey because of the island locations.

“You’re not just going to drive your tractor-trailers and a 100,000 pounds of equipment into the city and go to work and set up a base of operations," MO-TF1 spokesman Gale Blomenkamp said. "It’s trying to find the air assets and a way to get all of that stuff over there and the essential things that you need. Once you are on that island, then you have to have a way off which is not always easy, either.”

MO-TF1 members usually had deployments lasting two weeks. The task force has an 80 member team roster on standby for Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

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