Mo. Congress members want tax cuts to stimulate economy

Three members of Missouri TMs congressional delegation told business leaders the government must cut taxes and spending to help stimulate the economy Wednesday.

Speaking to members of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Senator Claire McCaskill said the U.S. must reform its tax code to remove tax breaks for certain industries.

The democrat said that would allow congress to lower the overall tax rate on businesses.

"I am somebody who does not believe that we're going to get back to where we need to be through the growth of government payroll, McCaskill said. I believe the only way we're going get back to where we need to be is by making sure that the private sector is growing jobs."

Republican Senator Roy Blunt called for tax cuts, and said that would give business owners an incentive to hire workers.

"The problem is not that the American people are not paying enough taxes, Blunt said. The problem is the federal government is spending too much money."

Republican Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler said the house is working to reduce funding for enforcement of certain federal rules affecting businesses.