Mizzou move-in begins

MU freshman Konnor Little coils an Ethernet cable while setting up his dorm room Sunday afternoon. Sunday was the first day selected students could move into the university's residence halls.

Konnor Littleâ??s first move-in began with a hiccup.

The MU freshman and his parents found themselves unable to open the door to his new dorm room for several minutes. It turned out he had gotten conflicting instructions on how to work the electronic lock on the door.

The door was just one of many problems the Little family solved over the next couple of hours. A shelf had to be moved to make room for his TV. A chest of drawers was wheeled around to make room in the closet area. An Ethernet cable proved too short to get from the wall port to Konnorâ??s desk.

All the little problems moving in poses did not diminish their excitement. Konnor, a mechanical engineering major from Kildeer, Ill., said he was very impressed by what he had seen so far.

â??(MU) has a great engineering program,â?? he said. â??Also, itâ??s very family oriented. I get to see my parents, and itâ??s just a big school and lots of love.â??

Konnor was one of many students moving in on Sunday afternoon, the first day students involved in selected programs could move in. The Littles are no strangers to the college move-in. Konnor has an older sister attending a different university. Still, his parents said they were very pleased with MU.

â??They did a fantastic job on making sure he was very clear about what he needed to do over the next four years,â?? his father, Brian, said.

Konnor said he plans to attend football games and join the fencing club if he has time. He medaled while on his high schoolâ??s fencing team. But he said he is putting his academics first.

â??Iâ??m going to get tutors for every single class, whether I need them or not. I got to stay on track,â?? he said.

And what is Konnor looking forward to the most?

â??The food,â?? he said.