Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team competes nationally

With gasoline prices getting out of control, imagine a vehicle that can get more than 2,500 miles per gallon.

Sounds impossible, right?

Well, not exactly.

Mizzou engineering students stopped building solar cars. They switched to hydrogen power. Members of the Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team decided that hydrogen technology has a better chance of replacing gasoline than solar cells.

Project Manager Marcus Friedrech said, â??We reached the glass ceiling with solar. You donâ??t always have a clear day. It takes a great big solar cell to get the same amount of energy that we can get from a little fire extinguisher-size bottle of hydrogen.â??

They call their hydrogen car, Tigergen III since itâ??s their third prototype. The carâ??s engine uses compressed hydrogen that produces electricity to power the engine. The average car that you see on our roads and highways today emits a lot of different polluting gases. The only thing youâ??ll find coming out of the exhaust of Tigergen III is water.

Tigergen III will be competing in this monthâ??s Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, Texas. Mizzou team members will compete against other engineering students from across the country that have a variety of vehicles powered by alternative fuels. Itâ??s not race. The goal is to use as little fuel as possible before reaching the finish line.

Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team President Victoria Hezel said, â??Tigergen III has a little bit bigger body. It can fit a little bit bigger person which is awesome because some of the guys on our team can actually fit in the car now. We did a swing arm suspension in the back. Thatâ??s pretty neat.â??

Mizzouâ??s Tigergen II won last yearâ??s competition. The pressure is on Tigergen III to win the race again this year.