Mizzou guard Dixon not charged after rape accusal

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The Kansas City Star

COLUMBIA -- Missouri senior guard Michael Dixon Jr. was accused of forcible rape on Aug. 20 but was not charged after a Columbia police investigation, according to a police report obtained by The Star.

According to the report, the case was closed Nov. 16 after Tracy Gonzalez of the Boone County Prosecuting Attorneyâ??s Office ruled there was insufficient evidence to file charges.

â??Based on (the police) review â?¦ it was determined that the evidence was not sufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury,â?? Gonzalez told The Star. â??Thatâ??s how all of our cases ae handled, and this wasnâ??t treated any different than any other investigation that comes through our office.

â??If additional evidence were presented, we could always review (the case) in its entirety and make a charge at that point as well, which is why I canâ??t get into specifics of the case. But it was a thorough investigation.â??

Dixon has been suspended from the Tigersâ?? basketball team since October for what coach Frank Haith has called a violation of team rules. Missouri basketball officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

While Dixon isnâ??t facing criminal charges, he could still face disciplinary action from the University of Missouri.

Over the weekend, a series of Twitter messages were posted by a person claiming to be a woman who was sexually assaulted by Dixon. The messages have since been deleted.

The first message was in response to a Twitter post by former MU player Kim English, who wrote after MUâ??s 81-64 loss to Louisville on Friday night that Dixon should be playing and that the â??student boardâ?? that supposedly had taken action against him was a â??joke.â??

The woman then responded: â??The student board is not a â??joke.â?? it wasnâ??t students it was adults. Dixon is a rapist and I know this because im the victim.â??

She later wrote: â??I dont care if you or anyone in the school doesnt believe me. Please do no ever say he did nothing wrong. because he did,â?? and then this: â??Yes, I said it. Michael Dixon sexually assaulted me. Thatâ??s why he is suspended. You call can call me names, but I know what he did.â??

A message was also posted to Dixonâ??s Twitter account that night, which read: â??Our team fought hard. I wish I could b out there helping them. Iâ??VE DONE NOTHING WRONG! Nobody is going to feel sorry for us tomorrow.#VCU.â??

The student board the messages referred to is the University of Missouriâ??s Student Conduct Committee, which is made up of faculty members and decides cases in accordance with MUâ??s standards of conduct in student disciplinary matters.

In such cases, a student who is expelled, dismissed or suspended from the university by the committee because of conduct violations can appeal to the chancellor, who has the authority to overturn the decision. While the appeal is being considered, the chancellor may then allow the student to continue in school. Dixon has been allowed to practice and travel with the team during his suspension.

Mary Jo Banken, the executive director of the MU News Bureau, declined comment when asked whether the allegation was related to Dixonâ??s suspension, citing The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.