Mistrial declared in Cole County accident case

A man charged with two counts of second degree murder had his trial on Monday afternoon, but it did not come to a verdict.

A mistrial was called in Damien Bryan's trial in Cole County Court because of a piece of information given during testimony by a drug testing official.

What he said included information regarding Bryan's prior offenses, which the jury is not supposed to hear unless given by the defendant himself during testimony.

The families, who came to get closure for their loved ones that died in the accident, say they are beyond frustrated.

"I'm just tired,â?? said Betsy Browning, whose father, Donnie Edwards, was killed in the crash. â??It's been a year. You know, at some point you're able to move on, but your grief just continues, and continues, and continues. We're just ready for it to be over."

Police say Bryan caused an accident in late August of 2011, near Route C and Rumsey Lane in Cole County. That accident killed two people, including Browning's father, who was from Russellville.

Bryan is facing two counts of second degree murder and one count of DWI aggravated offender.

Attorneys are trying to the trial schedule sometime in October or November.