Missouri work zones closed over holiday

Being stuck in a construction zone traffic is not a fun way to spend your time off.

One traveler yelled, "I hate traffic."

Travelers may be happy to see there aren't as many work zones in Missouri this year. For MoDot, whose job is to preserve the state transportation system, fewer work zones aren't a positive thing.

Bob Brendel, MoDot's Special Assignments Coordinator, said, "Missouri has many many many transportation needs and not enough dollars to meet them."

More funds for Missouri roads is a future goal, but the current goal is to make sure everyone has enjoyable travels on their holiday weekend.

Bob explained, "We donâ??t have any planned work zones around the state over the Memorial Day Holiday. Although there could be existing lane closures that have to remain in place due to significant projects that are already underway."

To help ensure your travels are as carefree as possible, MoDot has made a list of work zones so you know what to expect.

Before you hit the road, you can review your travel route online or call MoDot for the road work information.