Missouri State Penitentiary tours resume

After closing its doors in September of 2013, the Missouri State Penitentiary will resume giving tours.

The Missouri State Penitentiary is set to re-open its doors on Tuesday, July 1.

The 2013 tour season was cut short in late September of 2013 after environmental tests found higher than acceptable levels of mold throughout the prison.

The State of Missouri and Jefferson City reached an agreement to clean up the hazardous material and make necessary renovations in order to safely resume the public tours back in November.

"We are extremely grateful to the State of Missouri and the City of Jefferson for fulfilling their agreement to make the necessary repairs and clean-up," said Diane Gillespie, Executive Director of the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Their tireless efforts along with the community's support will ensure the continuation of this historical landmark which brings in thousands of visitors each year."

The tour season will commence with a modified history tour including access to Housing Units 1, 4 and the gas chamber along with some history of Housing Unit 3.

"The Missouri State Penitentiary holds 178 years of history within its walls," said Office of Administration Commissioner Doug Nelson. "By preserving this iconic structure, the State of Missouri and City of Jefferson have ensured that generations of visitors can continue to safely experience this historic Missouri landmark for many years to come."

The doors of the Missouri State Penitentiary opened in 1836. At one point, it was the largest operating prison in the United States.

The Penitentiary held a number of famous inmates in its time, including professional boxer Sonny Liston and the notorious outlaw, Pretty Boy Floyd.

The prison was decommissioned in 2004 and public tours began five years later in 2009.

Tours start at $12 a person for the two-hour history tour and $25 for an in-depth history tour that lasts three hours.

Paranormal tours are also offered, starting at $25 per person.

Tickets for the 2014 Missouri State Penitentiary tours are available online at or by calling (866) 998-6998.