Missouri State Fair wraps up 112th year

Missourians got one last chance to ride carnival rides and eat corn dogs at the Missouri State Fair Sunday, before the staff begin the month-long process of breaking it all down until next year.

From countless stands of fair food to bright and colorful carnival rides, many fairgoers said cool temperatures throughout the fairâ??s operation and lots of activities and agricultural showcases made this yearâ??s fair one to remember.

Fairgrounds Director Mark Wolfe said that it is too early to project an attendance total, but that judging by the crowds the staff expect attendance to be around what it was in 2013.

This yearâ??s fair was quieter than the 2013 fair, sans a rodeo clown controversy which attracted national attention.

â??You know, what happened last year, you kind of hate to see something like that happen.â?? Wolfe said. â??Weâ??ve done things to correct that issue, and control that issue a little bit better. We had no problems this year, itâ??s outstanding.â??

Wolfe also said the ham breakfast was also very successful, raising a total of $33,200. Proceeds from the ham breakfast will go toward providing scholarships for youth and help support fairgrounds projects.

The Sale of Champions Auction raised $152,600. The proceeds from that event will be used to benefit Missouri youth involved in agriculture.

Many fairgoers said for them, the end of fair season is a bittersweet time.

â??I kind of hate to see it be the last day of the fair,â?? Said fairgoer Mike Bragg. â??It means fallâ??s coming on.â??

Sedalia resident Christy Goodman said she is looking forward to seeing the town quiet down for the winter. â??Youâ??re excited about it being here when itâ??s new, but you spend a lot of time out here, thereâ??s a lot of traffic,â?? Goodman said. â??Weâ??re ready for it to be over and get back to normal.â??